Children’s book illustration
Victoria and the Cave Bear – The Flea Circus

Project description

Victoria and the Cave Bear – what a beautiful story! I really had a lot of fun illustrating and typesetting this children’s book because the story is really sweet and funny. It’s about Victoria, the author’s daughter, who goes on various adventures with her big friend, the cave bear. In Volume 1 they help a small flea circus with really lively fellows get back on their little legs. You will have help from one or two animal friends. After the story, Victoria gives tips on how to protect the forest and the animals. At the end of the book, the individual characters are introduced in more detail with various illustrations.

I created the children’s book illustrations for Victoria in Photoshop with my XP Pen. First, the individual main characters were developed and illustrated in different poses in order to make the characters appear authentic and bring them “to life”. This makes it easier to represent them in different situations in the children’s book. I like to give the children’s book characters a “real character”, thinking about how they behave in different situations and what fits both their character and their external appearance. This way you get authentic characters that can be easily integrated into different stories.

The individual children’s book scenes were then created as a rough sketch overview, then as a lineart version with basic colors and finally as finished children’s book illustrations with bright colors, light effects and atmosphere. Of course, everything is always in consultation with the author. In order to design the additional pages, such as the imprint or the character pages, I created individual page decorations and small illustrations.

I then put all of this together into a finished book using Adobe InDesign (a layout program), discussed everything with the author and then made it available to the printer as a finished file.
Victoria and the Cave Bear has also been published as an audio book and, like the book, has been available in stores since March 6th, 2023.

Victoria and Sascha (the authors) are thrilled and I’m already looking forward to volume 2 😉

And here is the back cover text:

These are the adventures of Victoria, the animal friend, and her friend the cave bear!
They live together in the enchanted forest and help animals in need.

Where would we be without big dreams?!

The circus! The ring! The thunderous applause of the enthusiastic audience! The smell of fresh popcorn and the many lights in the circus tent! This was all the world of our four little circus stars. « What »?! Unfortunately, yes, because they have lost their home and now have to get along in the big world all alone. Can Victoria help them? See for yourself and find out how they find a new home and a great audience together with Victoria.

A look into the children’s book