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Children’s audio book cover & character design
Fibie & Janosch (The Pirate Dogs)

Project description

Fibie and Janosch – The Pirate Dogs – is an exciting audio book for children aged 7 and over from the Speech Academy Switzerland.
Christian and Simon (from Speech Academy) contacted me because they wanted to bring this wonderful project to life and needed both a cover and the characters. The chemistry was right immediately and I was hooked on this project. In contrast to children’s books, I had already received the voices and sound recordings in advance, so I was able to really get involved with the characters. I also received the descriptions of the individual protagonists below and was able to design each individual character. I was particularly fond of Kadi, the slightly “cranky” parrot 😉 This is what I look like in the morning, before my first coffee…

The characters and the cover were first created in Procreate on the iPad and then finalized in Photoshop. As always, first as sketches that were agreed upon with the customer, then as a colored version (and further coordination with the customer) and then the final version. The cover is available in both a square shape and a round version. Clearly, for various providers such as Spotify, Weltbild, Amazon etc.

I really enjoyed the project and I loved the characters just as much as Christian and Simon 😊 and I’m really looking forward to the next audio book with Fibie and Janosch.

The description text:

Audio book: “Fibie & Janosch, the pirate dogs”

“What should I do at sea?” every land-born dog would probably ask themselves when they follow their beloved master who is hired on a pirate ship.

But that’s not the only question that the dog lady “Fibie” asks herself as she immerses herself in this strange world with fur and snout.

She gets to know a lot of new things, often has to jump over her shadow, gains friends, self-confidence and courage.
An exciting story about friendship, courage, boundaries and conventions. Come on board and experience exciting and funny adventures with the “pirate dogs”.

Other speakers are:
Marion Koch (narrator), Laura Eberle (Fibie), Katja Abrahams (Janosch), Florence Schlumberger (Kadi), Simon Rüegger (Toffel), Tom von Arx (harbor master), Martin Ackermann (Moses), Bianca Hau (Mali), Tanja Wetzel (captain)

Martina Lory and Christian Sollberger

Andrea Baitz

Listening fun for the whole family. Recommended for ages 7 and up

The characters

Fibie – dog

Red-brown poodle, 11 years old, genderless, is a very affectionate, cuddly little ball of wool and doesn’t trust himself to do much. He likes company, doesn’t like being alone, likes familiar processes and no changes, these stress him out – he has to sneeze when he’s stressed and excited. He has been with his owner since birth, whom he loves very much.

Janosch – dog

Light brown Hungarian hunting dog (breed: Vizsla), 9 years old, genderless, is a brave, proud, cheeky and curious dog. His coat is short-haired and well-groomed. He is intelligent, values ​​good behavior and manners and is experienced as he has been around a lot. He is caring, considers the ship his home, where he knows everything. When he is concentrating or tense, he stretches his tail straight and horizontally away from his body.

Toffel – human

Abbreviation of potato – is the smutje / ship’s cook. He is responsible for calculating, purchasing and preparing the food. A man of medium stature, correct, punctual, well-groomed and educated. He is in his early 50s and enjoys cooking potato dishes – hence his nickname. He has worked at the same restaurant since his training and wanted to experience something different with this new position on board. He is single and his only friend is his dog Fibie – they have a close relationship and are always there for each other.

Kadi – cockatoo

Abbreviation of Mr. Kaduka – is a sulphur-crested cockatoo. Age unknown – rather old, as he has actually been on this ship forever. Is a loner and lives at the top of the middle mast. He is white with a yellow, red and blue crest of feathers, which he displays impressively when he is angry, excited, or disturbed. He doesn’t belong to anyone, wants to be left alone and trusts no one – so that takes a very long time. He is a rascal, smart and cheeky but also very funny. And he has a very theatrical streak: he hobbles or plays dead when it suits his purpose.

Grania O`Malley – captain, human

Female, is the daughter of a great, famous pirate. Was born and raised on board and took over her father’s ship. Her strong will and persistence are impressive. She inherited her curly, long, barely tamable hair from her Creole mother, and her fiery red color and snow-white skin from her Irish father. She is in her mid-30s, sporty, intelligent and very charismatic. Despite her relatively young age, she has a lot of experience at sea. She was trained by her father and a private teacher who was on board for many years. She loves books – she has a lot of them and is constantly learning more. She has great diplomatic skills, which earned her a special position with the queen of her home port and for whom she works as a courier and spy. This ensures her prosperity and the livelihood of her crew, which is why she enjoys a high reputation. Your crew doesn’t know the true background; they consider her to be the best pirate in all the world’s oceans and respect and revere her.