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Corporate Design

From business cards to stationery, stamps and envelopes to web design and social media presence.
Complete design for your business.

Corporate design

Individual & distinctive appearance

It’s not just a professional logo that makes up the company’s appearance, but also a uniform and high-quality overall concept, a corporate design. From small business cards, flyers and websites to window and car wraps. Everything should follow a consistent design to increase recognition and present your company professionally in any medium.

A corporate design must also be variable in order to meet different requirements. No rigid concept is suitable for a website and, for example, for a shop window wrap. The design should always be adaptable to the medium, but still follow “the common thread”. This “common thread” is also called the corporate design manual or guide. All design specifications are recorded there (which fonts, colors, spacing, etc.) and application examples are explained.

I would be happy to create a professional corporate design for your company. If required, of course, complete corporate design guides.

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  • Logo development
  • Slogan, claim
  • Corporate design
  • Corporate design guides
  • Business equipment (business cards, stationery, etc.)
  • Key visuals
  • Mascot


A small selection of current references from the field of corporate design.


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