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Children’s book illustration
The Little Peepball

Project description

This little book about a sparrow and his story in life was something refreshingly different for me 🙂 The book is about a little sparrow who experiences various ups and downs in his life and yet always finds the courage to keep going. In the end he gets his personal happy ending.

The customer gave me complete freedom to create the illustrations. The drawing style should not be very complex, and yet the characters should be portrayed more realistically. Here I was able to create the linearts very well with ink and color them with watercolors. The special effects in the background of the illustrations are based on real watercolors, including blobs of water, salt particles, etc… However, the children’s book illustrations were created digitally on the iPad.

The book was typed using Adobe InDesign and printed as a small paperback the size of a CD.

The customer was thrilled and hopefully there will be many more books like this 🙂

And here is the back cover text:

Stories and poems have been written about so many animals. But not so often about the little ones from the bird family. A sparrow – the little peeping ball – is the main character in the first of possibly subsequent children’s books. A story of a perhaps special kind with extraordinary illustrations that shows the biodiversity our nature offers us.

A look into the children’s book