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Children’s book illustration
The little gnome Toke

Project description

The little gnome Toke, what a wonderful Christmas story. It’s about the little gnome Toke, who loses his home in a storm and moves in with a little boy named Niklas. A wonderful and extraordinary friendship develops between the two.

I had a lot of fun illustrating the scenes and setting the book. It’s just a heartwarming story, written with a lot of love. It remains exciting and you really want to know what happens next for the two of them. The book is illustrated in a slightly rougher style, with a watercolor-like touch. Each chapter beginning is decorated with Christmas elements and has different colored gifts. The individual children’s book illustrations match the chapters and stimulate the reader’s imagination. Whether reading to the little ones or reading to primary school children yourself.

So if you have a Secret Santa door at home for Christmas, this children’s book is a perfect addition. But even without the Secret Santa door, a wonderful story that gets you in the mood for Christmas 🙂

And here is the back cover text:

Deep in the undergrowth, embedded in the protective roots of an ancient oak, is the home of the lovable gnome Toke. For centuries he has been caring for the inhabitants of the forest and helps St. Nicholas and Christ Child in the run-up to Christmas. One day, when a terrible storm destroys Toke’s home forever, in his distress he writes a mysterious letter to a bright boy named Niklas and asks him to take him in. Since gnomes and humans are never allowed to meet, initially only a sky-blue gnome door above the skirting board in the children’s room indicates that the new roommate has moved in, but after a short time, fairytale events testify to the presence of the magical little creature. A deep friendship develops between Toke and Niklas, but one day the fox discovers a new home for the helpful gnome in the deep forest and asks him to return to the forest. Will Toke follow the call of his furry friend?

A look into the children’s book