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Children’s book illustration
The incredible story of

Project description

The incredible story of NINO THE CABIN BOY… what a beautiful and entertaining story 🙂 Not just for children. I had a lot of fun with this children’s book because the story reads really funny and you want to know what happens next. It is a children’s book for the Christmas season, peppered with colorful illustrations and matching drawings for the individual chapters. The book is about the boy Nino, who accidentally ends up in the adventure of his life from his home and gets to know many friends, funny travel companions and strange places.

The book was written as a Christmas present for Albert and Caroline’s children and was on hold for over 20 years until it was finally published as a finished book in 2021. The two were more than thrilled.

The illustrations were created in Photoshop with my XP Pen Artist 24 Pro and the book was typeset in Adobe InDesign.

And here is the back cover text:

Advent season: bake cookies and build snowmen! Nino has been looking forward to this all year. But this year everything is completely different. Right in the middle of the cozy kitchen in the small village you head into a big adventure. It starts with a power outage…

Captain Kluck and Old Joe are just some of the new friends Nino will meet on his ship journey around the world. Will he be back in time to celebrate Christmas at home with his parents?

A look into the children’s book